Poker Odds Calculator

Taking a Look at the Leading Poker Odds Calculators

Poker Odds Calculator

With the explosion in the popularity of online poker the game has taken a transformation from the traditional brick and mortar poker rooms that preceded it.  Players are now armed with an array of third party software, giving them additional information on the game and allowing more sophisticated strategies than ever before.

One class of such software is the poker odds calculator.  Such tools give real time poker odds while in the midst of play along with a variety of other information such as statistics on your opponents, player profiles or tournament MZone information.  Here at we take a look at some of the leading poker odds calculators available on the market, their features and what these features mean for you, the player.

Tournament Indicator

Tournament indicator is a poker odds calculator designed specifically for Texas Holdem tournaments and sit and gos that is tailored to the unique needs of these games.  Features include real time odds, player stats and profiling, tournament specific MZone information and an on screen HUD to display key information right next to your opponents.

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Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator is the calculator you want to look at if you are after a combination of real time poker odds, player profiling, displaying statistics on your opponents game play and an on screen HUD to give you all this information right near the players on the table.  This calculator is specifically designed for Texas Holdem cash games.

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Calculate Odds on the Web

As well as poker odds calculators giving the odds in real time while you play online, there is another form of poker odds calculator that allows you to calculate poker odds on the web when you are away from the table to hone your sense of the odds or review decisions you made in your previous session.

One of the leading online poker odds calculators of this form is our sister site  This calculator provides a number of features that allow you to gain strong insight into Texas Holdem hand strength and odds.  The calculator allows you to calculate odds against opponents that have either known cards, random hands or hands that you can place on a hand range.

When in the middle of a hand, a player rarely knows the exact hand an opponent holds, but good players will be constantly narrowing down their perception of what hands they think their opponent has to a range of hands that are consistent with their opponents actions and their past play.  By allowing odds to be computed with hand ranges, you can develop a sense of the odds you have against an opponent that is holding one of a number of hands you think they might have.

As well as this ability to calculate odds against hand ranges, the calculator presents some of the most detailed statistics on win odds and hand types that has ever been presented in such a tool.  The tool is free and requires no download or login, so take a look to see how it can hone your understanding of the game.

Calculate odds on the web!

  • Calculate odds against random cards or hand ranges
  • Detailed output stats
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